Mikako Ichikawa


Personal Info

  • Height: 5' 6½" (1.69 m)


The short haired Ichikawa Mikako was born in Tokyo, Japan. She is the younger sister of Mikawo ichikawa. She modelled for the teen fashion magazine Olive magazine exclusively (during this period she maintained longer hair) before hitting 20 and began starring in films as of the year 2000 when she appeared in Timeless Melody. Her next feature was 2001’s Blue, which was screened at the 2002 Toronto international Film Festival. It portrayed teenage lesbianism and bisexuality in Japan. She had moved to shorter hair. She won the award for Best Actress at the 24th Moscow International Film Festival. Her work in 2003’s Travail accorded her the Best newcomer Award at the 24th Yokohama Film Festival. Her other roles since have included a teacher in Samurai High School, somehow having the power to rent away her cats in Rentanekou and a role as a scientist in the big budget and latest iteration of Toho’s kaiju films, 2016’s Shin Gozilla (‘New Godzilla,). She was the subject of a small book called Portrait in 2013 where photographer Takashi Homma depicted a series of photographs of the actress. Mikako is signed to the Suurkiitos talent agency.