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Jason Gray – Peking Opera Blues

Jason Gray



Jason Gray began his career in the Japanese film industry in 2001, working as a translator, journalist and consultant. He served as Japan correspondent for Screen International from 2006-2013. He has translated screenplays for the likes of Kiyoshi Kurosawa and SABU, and movies including Mr. Long (Berlin competition 2017), 100 Yen Love (Japan’s nominee for the Academy Award for foreign-language film 2015) and Moscow Film Festival Golden George winner My Man (2014). In 2012 he wrote and directed narrative short film Yukuharu, which screened at film festivals in eight countries. He then moved into producing, serving as associate producer on Japanese feature Blindly In Love (2013) and documentary Steak (R)evolution (2014), and producer on Magic Kimono (2017), Ten Years Japan (2018) and Kiyoshi Kurosawa’s upcoming To the Ends of the Earth (working title). He’s now in development on his feature debut Where Wolves Fear to Prey.