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Jae-rim Han – Peking Opera Blues

Jae-rim Han


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Han Jae-rim


Han Jae Rim was born on 14 July 1975, he was graduated from Seoul Institute of the Arts in 1998. He begins his career as an assistant director and script editor. He was the runner-up for Best Screenplay at the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) Screenplay Contest in 2003, he began as a director in 2005 for the movie Rules of Dating, in which he was the script editor as well. His movie The Face Reader in 2013 is the 13th Highest Grossing Film in South Korea, in The Face Reader Han Jae Rim was the director and the script editor once again. His movie in 2016 will be The King where he will be the director again. Han Jae Rim also work as a producer one of it was Journalist in 2015.