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Ho-Cheung Pang – Peking Opera Blues

Ho-Cheung Pang



Pang Ho-cheung was born in Hong Kong. Since an early age, he was diagnosed with a rare condition: an inability to distinguish between left and right. He also had difficulties writing Chinese characters in the correct order. As such, his mother, who studied child psychology, sent him to the hospital for a check-up. He was then found to be intellectually gifted with an IQ of 135. Pang started working after finishing secondary school. Some of his jobs included working as a postman, a hawker, a waiter and a painting tutor for children. At the same time, he also sent his novels and film critiques to newspapers and magazines, many of which published his works. In 1993, he joined a Taiwan-based preparatory program for overseas Chinese students, but he quit after half a year and came back to Hong Kong. Soon he started his career in the media industry by working as a variety show scriptwriter for Asia Television. By this time, Pang was active in several media. He was working as a scriptwriter, a host for radio and television shows, a columnist, a magazine editor and a copywriter. He had also published several novels. His popularity among young people began to grow. In 2001, Pang co-founded Making Film Productions. In the same year, he directed his feature-length directorial debut, YOU SHOOT, I SHOOT. Thus began his career as an independent filmmaker, with him taking part in productions as actor, writer, director and producer. The films he subsequently directed have won plaudits both locally and globally. Some of his awards include Best New Director and Best Screenplay at the Hong Kong Film Awards; Best Screenplay and Most Creative Awards at the Golden Bauhinia Awards; Best Film at the Orient Express Competitive Section of the Oporto International Film Festival; Best Film at the World Film Festival Bangkok; Mad Movies Award at the Neuch√Ętel International Fantastic Film Festival; a prize for Best Asian Film at the Fantasia Film Festival, Canada; and Netpac Award at the Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival. His feature-length directorial works include MEN SUDDENLY IN BLACK, BEYOND OUR KEN, AV, ISABELLA, EXODUS, LOVE IN A PUFF, DREAM HOME, LOVE IN A BUFF, VULGARIA, ABERDEEN and WOMEN WHO FLIRT. Pang’s career began in the creative industry. As such, he believes that the creative industry will grow stronger by getting rid of inflexible workplace bureaucracy. To prove his point, he started a writing department at Making Film in order to train creative young people in writing screenplays. Since 2001, Making Film grew from a small production house in Hong Kong to a production company with branches in Hong Kong, Beijing and Taipei. Its businesses now include intellectual property development, creative training of young writers, film investment, filmmaking, film distribution and advertisement. Apart from being a filmmaker, Pang is also the CEO of Making Film. In recent years, he has been investing in foreign and English-language films. He founded the sub-branch “Making Horror” in order to develop horror films. He continues to seek all different possibilities in filmmaking with a goal to produce high-quality, entertaining films.