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Anita Mui – Peking Opera Blues

Anita Mui


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Mei Yan Fang
  • Height: 5' 6¼" (1.68 m)


With a career that began in her early childhood, Anita Mui is the queen of Hong Kong’s pop-music industry. After she won a singing contest in 1982, her life in the limelight began. In the early stages of her career her image was a little bit tomboy-ish and sexy (which was the reason she was called the “Madonna of Hong Kong”), and some of her songs were considered too risqué, with one of them, “Bad Girl”, actually being banned from airplay due to its suggestive content. She started her acting career at about the same time, often starring with Anthony Chan, including Why, Why, Tell Me Why! (1986) and Yi qi liang fu (1988). Other acting partners included Jackie Chan and Leslie Cheung. Both her singing and acting careers were a success. She won an enormous number of “Best Female Singer” and “Most Popular Female Singer” awards in the 1980s, and her acting career’s climax was winning “Best Actress” awards (Golden Horse Award and the inaugural Golden Dragon Awards in Taiwan, Hong Kong Film Award, and the Pan-Asia Pacific Film Festival) in 1987 for Stanley Kwan’s “Rouge” Rouge (1987). In the early 1990s she announced her “half” retirement from the singing industry. However, by popular demand, she continued to record albums and to act in movies, and by 1994, she engineered a full comeback to great critical and popular acclaim. She passed away from cervical cancer on December 30th, 2003. Many of her friends were with her in her last hours.