Asian Cinema

The world of Asian Cinema holds a special place in my heart. Like many people I started with the Hong Kong kung fu movies of the 1960s. The movie theaters had poorly dubbed versions (that were hilarious for the bad dubbing and bad translations). From there i wanted to see the movies in their original Cantonese with english subtitles, which became another lesson in bad translations (luckily now those days are past, and many of the classics have been remastered with good subtitles).

Nowadays the availability of Asian movies is much better, though it can still be frustrating waiting for a copy that includes english subtitles.

Though they have never met me, or even heard of me, all of the people below have shared their passion for Asian cinema, and introduced me to many great films. If there is any heavenly credit for sharing happiness they deserve special credit.

Kozo & Kevin Ma :

Darcey Paquet:

Mark Schilling: Japan Times (

Pierce Conran: Modern Korean Cinema (

Wise Kwai: Wise Kwai’s Thai Film Journal (

and, not to forget:

Tiffany Yong:

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